Evaluation of the Relationship Between Disease Activity and Allergic Disease Prevalence in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Nazife Şule Yaşar Bilge, Seda Kılıç, Uğur Bilge, Muzaffer Bilgin
1.017 178


Objectives: We aimed to assess the relationship between disease activity and frequency of allergic diseases in patients with rheumatoid arthritis who were admitted to a rheumatology outpatient clinic.

Materials and methods: Socio-demographic data form and the European Community Respiratory Health Study (ECRHS) questionnaire were applied to the patients and the prevalence of allergic patients by applying ECHRS and the relationship between RA disease activity was assessed.

Results: A total of 135 patients were included in the study (108 female and 27 male); average age 53,0 ± 11,1 years. Asthma-like symptoms were observed in 33,33% of women. Asthma-like symptoms in 33,33% of men and 33,33% are non-infectious rhinitis. A statistically significant difference was not found between DAS-28 scores and frequencies of the survey diagnoses (p = 0,75).

Conclusion: We could not find a significant correlation between the diagnosis of RA activity score and ECHRS diagnoses in our study. We could not find a study which focused on  the relationship between allergic diseases and DAS-28 in RA in the literature. Thus, we believe that these results are noteworthy


Allergic diseases, rhematoid arthritis, survey

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